Day One

I’ve been blogging for years, in some form or another. I’ve been on tumblr, livejournal, blogspot and, originally, wordpress; but nothing ever stuck. I was too busy travelling to focus on my writing, or too busy with life and work to sit down and read. And eventually one blog after the other got deleted, until I realised that I had spent the majority of my twenties writing on websites rather than on paper.

Then January 2017 came around and I realised that I had abandoned the one true passion in my life for planes and exotic countries. I had a plethora of experiences and insta-worthy photographs, but I didn’t have the one thing I had always wanted:

A finished novel.

So I began writing. Every day I would sit down at my computer and formulate the story that had been rolling around in my head for nigh on ten years. And five months later I have finally finished the novel that I had been dreaming of writing. It has been such an achievement for me, such an accomplishment, and whilst its not quite there yet, it is very close.

And now that I have finished?

Well, I am back to WordPress of course.

I want this blog to be an accompaniment to my main focus, which is, of course, writing. I didn’t entitle it ‘claretravels’ or ‘clarewrites’ like I have done, and was tempted to do again, because that is too narrow a focus. This blog is me, my life, my travels, my writing, (if I dare) and my journey. Its not a specific topic of a blog, and its not going to be pigeon-holed as such. Its just me, which, in case you haven’t guessed, is Clare.

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