A Brief Shoutout to 삼겹살

This won’t be a long blog post, this won’t wax lyrical about the divine inspiration that is Korean barbecue, but it will be a quick missive, if you like, a brief mention of my favourite of all Korean foods:



Its not the meat that I like the most about this dish though, (although one can never go wrong with a chubby strip of bacon). But rather the entire experience that goes along with it.

It’s the plastic stools and the extractor fans that hang space-ship-like from restaurant ceilings. It’s the clatter of metal chopsticks, the open doors on fresh autumn air, or better yet its sitting outside of the street next to taxis flying passed you as you down a bottle of soju or two. It’s the entire experience that goes alongside samgyeopsal that really makes this meal my favourite. It’s the side dishes, yes, but its also the spicy soups and the lettuce that you wrap your food up inside of. It’s the metal tables and the smoke from the barbecued, sizzling meats.

I’ve been in Korea an age, but one thing I will never get tired of is going to the nearest samgyeopsal joint closest to home, and spending an hour or two eating the meat there and just relaxing. There are some things after all that England will never, ever be able to replicate, after all, and that is the gloriousness that is this:


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