Writer’s Block

Starting a new work in progress is tough. Mainly because I am not completely sure where I am going with mine yet, and also partly because I am still not entirely invested in the characters.

My first manuscript was an idea filled with characters and places that I had been developing for years. I knew them intimately. I could imagine their words, their clothing and even their relationships. I even had an idea of the city that they would be living in. So it was easy for me to write them down.

Every character from that story came to me in an entirely unique way. One was borne from an idea I had many years ago, and they evolved slowly over time. Another was based on a person that I knew, and a third quite unexpectedly became a major character the more that I wrote him down on paper.

And it helped that the story was science fiction I think. I enjoy sci-fi because I can create everything, down to the streets that my characters walk upon to the cities that they live in. Everything comes from my imagination so there is no point of reference to hinder me or hold me back and I can really allow my imagination to run wild.

But now I have an idea that I love but it is based in the real world. I have buildings, actual solid buildings that I have visited myself and which I want to do justice to. There are places, ideas and solid facts that I want to incorporate, and that means I need to write them down in a way that is clear and concise.

I can’t just imagine a fanciful creature, (well, actually I can, seeing as my current piece is a modern fairy tale, but still) I have to really wrangle over sentences and tussle with paragraphs to make sure that I am describing everything correctly.

I wouldn’t say that I have a block though. I am never at a loss for something to write, as I always have a back catalogue of stories in my head, but some days I just find it harder to write than others. I can write chapters in a day, 5000 words can spill out of me over the space of a few hours, but other days, on days like today, I feel stuck over a sentence and a single word.

I live for the days when I can write a ton, but today is not going to be one of those days, unfortunately. (Except for this blog of course. haha. I can write all of this in five minutes, but be stuck over a sentence for five hours on my WIP!)